Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Chapter 6

Hello again,

I try to post a new “chapter” every other day, but goodness—how time flies.!!  I should feel like a million bucks after sleeping all day.  I think I’ve slept 18-20 hours.  I saw Jerry for about an hour, and maybe 2 hours with Mama.  Cousin Betty came by and took Mama to get her hair cut or I’d have seen more of her.  I still can’t believe anything can knock me out like that.

With all the Memorial celebrations for all our Veterans, both living and dead, has caused me to pause and reflect on all the blessings we take for granted.  All that await our military people coming home and making the adjustments to civilian life, both physically and emotional.  My Grandfather was in the service, but I’ve lost everyone that could tell me much about it.  My Daddy had done a lot of genealogy, but at his death, all that info went to my nephew, and his Mother has it and is working thru it all.   Jerry’s dad was in WW2, and helped to liberate the Buchenwald Concentration Camp, but he never really wanted to talk about it.  Couldn’t blame him, with the nightmares being so real to him.  It tears me up just watching the stuff on the History Channel, or the video tapes I bought when working at a video /book/music store.  I’m not sure why I just had to get them.  Guess part of it is so our nephews and nieces will have documentation, and not just believe what someone will tell them.

Well, I’ve been up for about 3 hours, and it’s nap time.  I will reply to your  messages when I wake up.  Hopefully it won’t be 18 hours again. LOL.



  1. Few soldiers ever talk about the deep emotions they have re a war.
    That is the same worldwide.
    One of the problems I have just now is finding diaries of ex-servicemen as they get chucked out by (female) relatives tidying up after they die. The man has not let the diary go, and probably never looked into it since returning.

    And what is wrong with 18 hours sleep?

    1. I suppose the only thing wrong with getting 18 hours of sleep is not getting 19 hours, Adullamite, especially with the company that I have to keep in this house.

  2. time does have a way of getting away from us. There are a lot of people in my family who have served in the military. My aunt had told me how my uncle never would talk about his time in Korea and my son won't talk about certain things that happened while he was in Iraq. I can't imagine the things that they must have seen

    1. From the news reports, it is easy to see where there might be much that your son would not be comfortable with talking about, Ann. I hope it doesn't eat on him too much.


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