Sunday, May 25, 2014

5/24/2014 Update

Good Morning Gentlepeople,
This is usually a good time to work on this.  Jerry and Mom are asleep, and the dogs are resting quietly.  This is more fun than doing the dishes. LOL

My little Yorkie, Grayson, is grieving over Stewart.  He won’t get up on the couch with me.  That spot was Stewart’s, and he doesn’t want to be loved on or held.  Considering the fact that Grayson was never a cuddle buddy, but he would always get up on the couch with me as long as I promised not to hold, squeeze or kiss on him. No, Grayson is not very good as a snuggle bug, but he still follows me around everywhere.  I think Grayson thinks I’m gonna run away from home and escape, and he’s not letting me go without him.  I always knew he was a smart dog!!!

I’m holding my own with my liver disease.  Had more blood work done on Thursday (May 22) and when I called about it, my results were really good.  On top of being a diabetic and having to take 7 shots a day (not always good about taking my shots) and the dietary restrictions that goes with that (nasty healthy food) now I have to be very careful about ingesting things with potassium.  I knew bananas were high in it, but tomatoes, potatoes, avocados, as well as many other “healthy” foods will mess me up.  I’m on 2 diuretics, lasix and and spiro-oh who cares.  The spiro works the best, but it also causes high potassium.  If my levels go too high, I could have a heart attack, and without it, I’ll have to go to the hospital all the time.  The nurses at the juicing station have told me that they have some people coming in everyday and having 10-20 liters drained off each time.  Oh, the threat of infection, that is really scary.  So now I’m attempting to watch everything I buy at the supermarket, but there are a lot of labels that don’t mention the potassium content.

Mama loves to go out to eat, and she really loves Golden Corral (if given the choice).  Mama’s brother, Kenny, and their cousin, Betty, have been going on Wednesday for the past several years, and they would rather go to Ryan’s.  I had to have a hard talk with Mama, cuz she wants to go every week.  I can’t physically afford to go that frequently.  I went with the group to Ryan’s acouple of weeks ago, and I used to really enjoy the place.  However, Ryan’s has changed so much, and I am not impressed.  So, I don’t have to worry about overeating there, LOL.  But when I have a doctor appointment or labs—Mama strikes for the kill.  If I don’t take her to Golden Corral, I WILL pay for it!  There’s nothing worse than a hungry 76 year-old Mama (being all of 4’ 11”) and I am just too tired to fight anymore.  I’ll take her every 2 weeks, and if she wants to go more often, she can go with Uncle Kenny and Cousin Betty.  I never had children, but this is what I would imagine from a child—throwing a temper tantrum.  I have learned that I have to pick my battles with her. Besides, she’s so cute when she’s not mad.

Guess I had better shut up.  I want to get the dishes done before Mama wakes up. Quite sure she’ll want a Hardy’s bacon, egg and cheese biscuit and a McDonald’s coffee.  Fortunately they are caddy-corner to each other.

Arlynda Lea


  1. You have such a trying time.
    That's Jerry's fault!
    I like the dog mind.

    1. Jerry can be fun to torment, Adullamite, so keep me informed of the really good torments.

  2. aw, poor Grayson. It's hard on them too when a furry friend crosses the bridge.
    I haven't been to a Golden Corral in ages. We don't go out often and when we do it's usually Red Lobster since that's my husbands favorite. They've changed their menu recently though and the last time we went I really didn't see anything I liked

    1. Ann, appreciate the info on grieving pets. Stewie and Grayson loved to fight over dry dog food. I thought that was just plain silly, but now that Grayson has to share with only Trixie (who weighs 15 lbs. more) it's not as much fun.

  3. much time is spent reading the labels on everything we buy at the supermarket these days. I know I spend a lot of time reading them...even though the print is so damn small! I try to buy Aussie-produced/made as much as I can; and I never buy any products imported from Asia...most particularly, seafood products. I don't eat a lot of processed foods, though; and when I do buy canned salmon and sardines, I make sure they come from Alaska; if I can't find any from our own waters; and more times than not the only canned fish comes from that's why I stick with the Alaskan products.

    I love and eat lots of fresh fruit, raw nuts and fresh vegetables; grilled salmon and steak.

    As for McDonalds...I've only ever had one of their burgers...and, I think, only twice have I had their fries. As for KFC...I've only ever had their "food" three times...and the third time I tossed it away after the first bite. I don't eat out often at all these days. I guess I spent enough time in restaurants etc. during my working in them!

    You keep taking good care of yourself, Arlynda...and follow all the necessary guidelines to the I'm sure you do. :)

    1. Lee, thanks for the info. I'm not as careful as I should be, but am trying. Seafood is another no-no, loaded with potassium. Thanks again.


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