Sunday, May 10, 2015

Chapter 22

Good morning,

Sorry, I haven’t written in so long.  I don’t have any big excuses, just not feeling like doing anything I don’t have to.

We ended up leaving at 3:30 am for my trip to St. Louis.  Now that’s too early to be up and on a long drive not to have any fun.  Six Flags wasn’t open yet, or I’d have tried to go there instead of the hospital.  We got there with a little time to spare.  So, we didn’t have to jump through hoops to get to radiology.  There was no prep for the MRI.  They said I could eat and drink and it wouldn’t affect the test.  So, after putting my sister in charge of protecting my diet coke I went off to have some pictures made.  The results were supposed to be ready in time for my appointment so the doctor could give me the results.  It wasn’t of course.  My sister had fun (not really) telling this doctor that I wasn’t thinking clearly.  Always a problem with ammonia building up in the intestines and the residual problem shows up as being terribly forgetful, and saying one thing when meaning to say something else.  I hate the medication for that.  It’s almost like drinking honey.  I like sweets, but this is ludicrous.  The pharmacy told me I could add something to help the taste.  First I added a package of crystal light that absolutely was the wrong thing to do—in that just made it even sweeter.  I finally realized that the plain unsweetened Kool-Aid  that I grew up with would flavor that stuff, and help shut down some of the sweet.  It’s still something I have to force myself to take.  I’m afraid I’ll be on it until I have a transplant or until I die-ugh!!!  My coordinator, Valorie, called and let me know the results of my tests. My meld score is 8, it’s slowly working its way up.  The lower it is the better.  If I understood her correctly, my MRI didn’t show any cancer and the spot on the back side of my liver is gone.  Like I said, if I understood her.  I have an appointment with Dr Ng, and I want him to explain some things for me.

The next round of Doctor appointments have already started.  Dr. Ng, Dr. Lyons and Dr. Paulk.  Sure hope no more get on my schedule.

My sister, Leslie, had to go to St. Louis for a procedure.  She had a mass on her kidney, and they were able to go thru a vein up to the mass and stop the blood flow to it.  She’ll have to have another MRI to make sure it worked.  Her Doctors seem to be really knowledgeable and compassionate.  So now that that issue hopefully has been taken care of, she gets to move on for her liver issues.  They did a biopsy last week and she’s waiting for results.  It might not even be cirrhosis!!!  If it is, they think it might be one of the many types of cirrhosis that medication can slow down, or even cure.  No, I don’t have that type, but if one of us had to have the kind I have, I’m glad it’s me.  She’s got a husband and 2 kids.  Michaela is almost 20, and Loren is almost 28.  I just have to worry about Jerry, my mom, and our puppies.

It’s Mother’s Day.  So to all you moms, step-moms, and those to Mother anyone in need—HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!  I hope you get to spend the day with family, lots of good food, and…  Sorry, forgot what I wanted to finish off with.