Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Chapter 16

Good Morning,

Well, I guess everyone has heard the good news, Ann has a new friend!!!!  I especially love the name “Gibbs.”  Reckon she’s a fan of NCIS???? LOL.

Jerry is doing everything he can think of to keep my mind working.  He has really stepped up, pointing out the things I miss, or have forgotten.  There’s one medication that I have to drink 2 ounces of, 2-3 times a day.  Without it, my mind goes to mush.  It is so sickening sweet that I have to add half a packet of the original kool-aid to it in order to take it.  I wish I could stop taking that one.  Yes, the insulin shots are an inconvenience and can sting a little, but I’d gladly trade some shots for that nasty syrup.

I had a month or so off from doctor appointments, and between now and the middle of November, I make up for it with 3 appointments.  It’s my turn, I suppose.  Hopefully, someone else can rest from appointments for a month or so.  LOL.

It’s really disappointing when you get sick and realize who your true friends are.  I have 3….just 3.  Leslie said, “They don’t know what to say.”  What to say!!!!! I may be sick, but I’m not contagious!  Did the world stop spinning?  Did they cancel the election on 11/04/14 or (wish this one was true) did they find a cure for Ebola????  

Monday morning is the day they pick up our trash, and Jerry takes it to the road on Sunday.  We noticed that someone was bringing our trash bin back to the house Monday afternoon.  Thought it might have been from the neighbor across the road.  Then one day I caught him red-handed—it was the neighbor next to us!  I took some cake to them to let them know they were caught doing something nice.  Ever since, if we haven’t been able to get to it before they make it home, they bring it back to the house. 

Sorry, I told myself not to do this whiney thing.  It’s too easy to fall into a depression when you sit down after walking from the kitchen to the living room and can’t catch your breath, then exhaling feels like work.