Sunday, August 24, 2014

Chapter 12


Well, I’m back.  Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back.  There has been so much going on here that it would take almost forever to go into detail.  Let’s just hit the high points!!!   I’ve had a couple appointments with Dr. Paulk, my PCP.  He’s keeping a close eye on my potassium and anything I want to complain about.  This last appointment, he went over my last MRI results.  There are some changes from the last one six months ago, which are some things I need the St. Louis docs to answer.  Dr. Paulk was not happy about a place on my upper arm.  So, I had to go to a dermatologist, who took a chunk out of my arm, I wasn’t really worried about that, but I was worried about having trouble getting all of the lab results gathered up in time for the St. Louis docs to look at.  Then the dermatology department called and wanted me to come back in.  It was basal cell carcinoma.  Last Wednesday, I went in and had it completely removed in an out-patient procedure.  Now it’s the hurry up and wait game, with results soon to be coming.

One thing about having the results of MRI and ultrasounds, I can read through and have questions for him on the items I don’t understand.  I know I’m holding my own and haven’t gotten as sick as they projected.  I have to force myself to do anything, cuz everything hurts or makes me so short of breath. 

My dear Jerry has really stepped up to yell at me for taking chances. Okay, he isn’t really yelling.  He just reminds me that I try to do too much and put myself at risk of falling. I’ve fallen a couple times that really could have been catastrophic. So, I’ve seen his devotion to me in the tiniest of ways.  It’s really heartbreaking how few women who will never experience it.

A home health nurse came a few weeks ago, and Trixie did not like her at all.  Finally got Trixie somewhat calmed down, but she wasn’t leaving my side.  Grayson’s way of protection is guarding the bathroom while I’m there.  They are so funny.  Grayson has started playing with the cats.  It is hilarious to watch 2 cats chasing a dog until he turns and starts chasing them.  I’m sure there’s more I could write about, but memory isn’t working with me today.


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Site-Seeing Suspended

Howdy!  This is actually Jerry.  Some of you already know me as Arlynda’s devastatingly handsome and multi-talented husband, and now the rest of you do, as well.  Arlynda did not feel quite up to making this announcement.  So, I was drafted.

No, she has not been attacked by another mad cat lady, but we thought it best to suspend her Arlynda Lea’s Sites to See series for the time being.  When she feels more like it, the series will start up again, but considering how much work is involved in publishing the list each week, you would do well not to hold your breath.

Okay, in the spirit of full disclosure, I have been the one publishing her series since the beginning.  For she has not had the energy to do more than write one of her life updates every week or so, and she feels really bad about not being able to get around to leaving as many comments as she would like to.  Adding 15 potential new friends each week just makes her feel worse.  Furthermore, trying to keep up with the demands of my side of the blogosphere and here is stretching me really thin, and a new book, which will actually be a fictional novel, has been swirling around in my head for several months now.

The plan is still in place for her November Nudges series to be published when the time comes, though.  It will include most of the sites in our Thinking of Christmas Gifts in July 2014 series, along with some newly discovered ones.

Be assured that she greatly cherishes all of the support you-all have given her.  Of course, without me, she would be completely lost, and with her disease rendering her addle-brained at times, I remind her of it more than ever.  So, it’s really not all bad around here.