Monday, October 12, 2015

Chapter 26

Good Morning,

I’ve been away so long, I was afraid my computer wouldn’t let me type anything. 

One thing that absolutely scares a wife is to find out your husband has had a heart attack.  Yes, Jerry’s was mild, but it is still a HEART ATTACK !!!!
I’m just glad he’s back at home.  We’ve got Dr. Paulk to accept him as a patient.  Dr. Paulk has been taking care of me for years, and out of all the doctors I’ve been to in the last 3-4 years, I believe he’s a good doctor. I can’t say anymore or Jerry will think I mean all this, and he’ll hold it over my head for years to come.  Tee-hee.

I started my rounds with Dr. Ng, Dr. Lyons, Dr. Paulk, and the St. Louis doctors.  I had been thinking that as long as my abdomen wasn’t storing so much fluid on me that I was doing better.  I was told that when I started holding fluids to the point of having to have drained every couple of days that they would do a procedure to insert a metal tube into my liver and that would make it easier for my body to get rid of the fluid.  I would be able to stop going to the hospital for the draining.  My last appointment with Dr. Ng, he said I wasn’t a candidate for that.  Apparently, I’m starting to show signs of dementia. With this the procedure, it will put me in a deadly coma.  I guess I can cross that off my bucket list. Tee-hee.  He had told me to stop driving, so I stayed at home a week with so signs of any problems.  Mom hadn’t been to Wal-Mart in that week.  Had to take her or the pain will be unbearable.

Starting to work on Christmas stuff.  I don’t want to wait ‘til the last minute like last year.  I was up all night wrapping, talk about taking Joy out of Christmas—that did it!

Jerry has an eye appointment to see how he’s doing and hoping he’ll set Jerry up for cataract surgery, I may be mistaken but with the new lenses they put in me made my vision 20/20 and my prescription hasn’t changed since I had the surgery.  I still wear glasses, but it is a bifocal pair and I just need the bottom lens to be a prescription so I can read.  I hope they do the same for Jerry.    I can hear you all, “Jerry this and Jerry that,” makes you think I like him.

You all have a good week and don’t forget to: