Thursday, January 15, 2015

Chapter 19

Good Morning,

I’ve been trying to go to sleep for over 5 hours.  Haven’t succeeded yet.  Almost everyone is asleep, except for me, Grayson, and a tom cat that just won’t quit teasing Grayson.  I tell Grayson it’s not his fault that cat weighs almost twice as the little dog, but I can see the effects of the bully tom cat.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and many Blessings for the New Year.  We were blessed that we managed to get everyone together.  It did make it easier that the kids all had Christmas Day off.  So, a good time was had by all.  Of course the kids made off like bandits.  I’m gonna see if Leslie and Jim will adopt me-haha.

Concerned about our neighbors.  A while back, the ambulance came and got her, but she wasn’t in the hospital very long.  Last week, here they came again and she was back home the next day.  We don’t really know them except for what they drive.  So, Mama called the neighborhood know-it-all and found out that she has cancer in most of all her organs.  Praying for them.

Well, today the little artificial tree is still there.  Looking sad, :-(.  Can’t really take it down ‘til Mama’s birthday, which is in January.  At least it’s before Spring thaw!!!  Our streets are covered with a mix of sleet, and maybe some snow.  Can’t tell the difference.  They both make me cold.

Short and sweet.