Friday, June 5, 2015

Chapter 23

Good Morning,

It’s 2:30 a.m. here.  We made the great drive to St. Louis, again.  We left here about 3:30 a.m., and it was another safe trip.  We arrived in plenty of time.  Talk about an efficient department.  Springfield could take a lesson.  They got me in, the MRI made me start to glow green (of course not, but having a MRI every 6 months or so makes you wonder) and I was done.  Made it to my doctor’s appointment.  He was supposed to go over the results with me, but the radiologist hadn’t read it yet.  My coordinator called a day or 2 later with the results.  Everything looked good.  My meld score was 8, which is wonderful.  It dawned on me just how good I am doing.  Two and a half years ago, Dr.Halsey told me I had 2-5 years to live.  I’m still ahead of the game.  Leslie, (my sister) reminded me that there are some procedures I will have to undergo to help stave off the transplant or death.  I’m not going to candy-coat this, there is a lot of pain and invasive procedures I’ll have to undergo.  However, I need to stay positive. 

I have to stay strong.  Mom and Jerry need me.  Of course, my puppies need me.  They love me and stay right at my side protecting me whenever someone comes anywhere close to me.  It really is funny to watch, but I am fairly confident they would snap at them.

Next appointment in St. Louis is in October (something to look forward to).  Leslie got the results from her liver biopsy.  She has been waiting for 3 weeks!!!  It was driving me totally insane.  From her blood tests, they were sure it wasn’t cirrhosis like mine.  It was a type of liver disease that is treated and possibly even curable.  Now it turns out that it is the same as mine.  Pretty good, my sister and I never really drank.  Daddy drank enough for all of us.  Anyway, Leslie and I can schedule our appointments together.  Isn’t that a great way for sisters to “paint the town red.”  Best quit for now.



  1. Ahead of the game, well done!
    The dogs need you, Jerry can fend for himself...:)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Adullamite. I don't know. He can be awfully helpless.


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