Monday, September 15, 2014

Chapter 14

Good Morning,

Everybody in the house is asleep.  It’s a nice, calming time.  No barking dogs.  No hissing, growling or meowing cats.  One of the cats will actually yell!! I yelled back once and he took it as a competition.  I just can’t win, tee-hee.

I actually managed to stay home since Tuesday.  I’m not sure how it happened, but I have enjoyed it.  No doctor appointments, labs, x-rays or MRIs.  The week has just flown by.  It looks like I don’t have any appointments until the last of October. WOW-what are all these doctors  going to do without me coming in to entertain them???

Our niece is having a baby shower this coming Saturday.  This is her second baby, add another girl to the family.  I still haven’t met her first baby girl.  I need to get down there and see everyone.   There are soon to be 4 great nieces and just the one great nephew. 

I have a project that may just go ahead and drive me totally and completely  insane.  It’s not very easy to find life insurance when you’re sick.  I heard a comedian explain life insurance as you are betting you will die and the insurance is betting you won’t.  What a racket!  Tee-hee—how can you win?

It’s starting to cool off here.  One day our high temperature was in the 60’s, and if felt so good.  The nights were in the 40’s, but it didn’t last long enough.  Tomorrow is climbing back into the 70’s and by the end of the week, we’ll hit the 80’s.  Missouri weather—f you don’t like it, just wait a little while and it will change, LOL.  The cats killed all my plants, and I thought the one peace lily might have a chance to bounce back.  So, we put it outside in the fresh air and rain water.  Away from the cats, it is trying to make a comeback with several little healthy sprouts coming up.  So, how do I keep the cats from eating it again?  They seem to think I grow it especially for them.  They have ate so many plants, I was afraid they’d be poisoned, but it doesn’t seem to hurt them at all.  I need to go to a hardware store and get some kind of screen to put over that lone survivor.  I know cats have 9 lives, but I don’t think that applies to plants.

Well, I guess I should shut-up if I don’t have anything interesting to say.  I don’t want to start repeating myself.  I don’t want to start repeating myself. 



  1. Early morning before the rest of the house is awake has always been my favorite time.

    1. Hope Duke is feeling better-and Mommie get some rest-when he gets well there'll be a whole lot of playing to catch up to.

  2. It's starting to cool down up your way; and down here, it's beginning to heat up. A storm has been predicted for later today...early afternoon it has been said. I just hope we have a mild summer with milder storms to match.

    I love being at's my haven, my sanctuary. I'm glad all seems to be going well for you, Arlynda...take good care. :)

    1. No storms, No storms, No storms--there now you'll have great weather to enjoy--tee-hee


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