Monday, July 14, 2014

Chapter 10

Good Morning!

First of all, I wish a belated “Happy Birthday” to Adullamite.  I hope you had a great celebration.

Well, since my life is either doctor’s appointments, hospitals and oh so many procedures, or our critters, I chose to talk about the critters.  Grayson is sleeping right now resting his head on my foot, and Trixie, who is in bed, on my side of the bed—no less, sleeping with Jerry.  Haven’t heard anything out of the cats since I broke up the last fight. 

We have a wrought iron bench in the backyard that has become a haven for a couple bunnies.  I could watch them for hours.  My dogs, on the other hand, prefer to chase those little white cottontails.  Good thing for the bunnies that my dogs are neither sight nor scent dogs.  LOL!!!  This morning, I only saw one bunny, and Trixie was determined to have rabbit stew.  I never realized how fast those little cottontails could run.  Bunny came out from around a large tree several yards ahead of Trixie and stopped on the proverbial dime, and Trixie lost it!  Bunny was so quiet and still, and Trixie gave up as soon as she rounded the tree!!!   Grayson doesn’t like going outside alone, and no, Trixie doesn’t count.  I watched Grayson take off like a bullet, and he couldn’t find the bunny either.  So it’s starting to sound like a great habitat for bunnies around here.

It’s 3 am here in Missouri, and this is a great time to gather my thoughts while everyone is asleep.  I sleep so much of the time that when I’m awake, I want to spend it with Jerry and Mama.  It just takes so much energy to do anything around here, and I don’t always make the best choices to keep  from the crash and burn awaiting me.  Jerry is real good to remind me that I’m pushing myself too hard.  I find he’s usually right, but it doesn’t hit me until it’s too late.  I just hate it when he’s right.  :) 



  1. For goodness sake, don't let Jerry hear you say that,'d better delete this post before he reads it! ;)

    But try to follow this particular bit of advice he gives, pretending it's your would appear it is very good advice.

    Those bunnies will become useful at Easter! Take good care. :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Lee! Well, I don't remember writing that, and the three times I have deleted that part, Jerry has put it right back up! Is there a way to ban him from this site?

  2. we've had a rabbit in our back yard that has so far kept out of Duke's sight
    I know how painful it can be to admit when the husband is right. I try never to admit to

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Ann! Could you send Duke down here to take a chunk out of Jerry's ego?

  3. Wake up woman!
    Writing at three in the morning? You deserve more time during the day.
    "....I find he’s usually right..." What? Jerry....?

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Adullamite! I no longer have any sort of established sleep pattern. So, you could find me asleep at just about every hour of the day and night, which causes me a great deal of disorientation at times. Obvious signs of this is writing things about Jerry often being right, which he won't let me take back. Do you know of any knights in shining armour to come to my rescue?


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